Geoffrey L. Feazell

Geoffrey L. Feazell

Chief Executive Officer – Geoffrey L. Feazell has an ACD in Commercial Diving from Divers Institute of Technology in 1998, with the core education being process, management, safety, testing, Haz-Mat, hyperbaric chambers, salvage, welding, rigging, and metallurgy. Following his career in diving, he began his entrepreneurial endeavors supporting a career in quality for healthcare. While attaining a Medical Billing Specialist certificate and Quality Software Engineering agenda, from the University of Texas; he founded his own entrepreneurial company Q’Zure LLC. Q’Zure has completed the commercial products – QReview w/ report writer – and designing the only analytic Ambulatory Surgery Center EMR, QSurg. Over the course of 2006-2012, he has owned and managed Sunset Quay Outfitters, a small outfitters family business, on the property in Port Orange, Florida. Evolving Q’Zure to succeed in software, website development and consultation, and has also served as the founder to multiple companies nationally and during that time, a board member to Johnson’s Island of Descendants.

Sherif Elfayoumy, Phd

Sherif Elfayoumy, Phd

Chief Technology Officer – Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy has served as Chief Technology Officer of Quture since its inception, beginning with his relationship for natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, where his expertise and technology architecture are without parallel. Also serving with Quture’s technology partner, Q’Zure LLC, Sherif designed and developed the QualOptima database working with Version 1.3 migrating our existing software product, coordinating the programming of that version with Quture’s independent contractor, the technology inherent in the Clinical Trial at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and as chief architect of the QualOptima product. He leads Quture’s technology to machine learn, including our electronic triggers Version 1.2 and algorithms and analytics embedded in QualOptima.

Dr. Elfayoumy’s expertise and research interests include high-performance computing (HPC), data mining, bio/medical informatics, and computational intelligence. Teaching is an integral part of his professional life, and he believes research and teaching work together to foster intellectual curiosity and investigation. The unprecedented explosion of data collection by most institutions and enterprises has prompted his development of efficient algorithms to mine these data repositories and discover hidden knowledge in the form of associations and patterns. Big data mining problems are directly related to high performance computing and efficiency issues. His expertise to apply AI algorithms to develop classification and prediction models for mining big datasets in various disciplines is instrumental to Quture and QualOptima.

Dr. Elfayoumy is the Associate Dean of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction (CCEC), University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida. He received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Speed School of Engineering of University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, in 2000 and 1998, respectively. In 1993 he received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication and Electronics) and a post-graduate software development skills diploma from Egypt.

Sherif has published 36 professional articles to date and personally holds patents awarded in concept-based searching and analysis and converting ontologies into concept semantic networks. He is active and has held offices in the IEEE Computer Society, one of the largest and most prestigious computing societies for professionals and academicians. He collaborates with the faculty of University of Florida’s College of Medicine in several research initiatives.


G. Landon Feazell

Chief Innovation Officer – Landon Feazell is recognized for his leadership, innovation, and expertise in clinical performance and outcomes measurement and developing technology on the best strategic technology platform for healthcare analytics and big data. His innovative systems have transformed manual processes through information technology utilizing optimal evidence-based clinical content to translate data into clinical knowledge solutions. Mr. Feazell’s publications in 2003 are considered sentinel for the “quality-value proposition,” signaling value-driven changes now underway in healthcare delivery and payment models for all customer segments in the digital transformation of health and health care.

For over 40 years, Landon’s companies have developed and implemented clinical knowledge solutions. His consulting and technology engagements are in 100’s of hospitals and systems, HMO’s, physician groups and practices, governmental agencies, and insurance companies, involving 1000’s of physicians and hundreds of thousands of patients. His extensive knowledge of the health and healthcare market, his strategic alliances and professional relationships, as well as his expertise in transforming data to clinical knowledge solutions are among the valuable intellectual property assets he brings to Q. The IP of Q results from the immeasurable and extensive research, discovery, transformation, and solutions for healthcare entities in root cause analysis, risk management, quality science processes, implementation of optimal clinical processes, medical staff by-laws, and policy adaptation and adoption.

Landon developed the first-to-market peer review software product in the 1990’s, funded by a major medical malpractice company. QualOptima results from his engagement by the New York State Attorney General developing clinical data to defend the Governor and state agencies using clinical performance metrics and algorithms for analytics in the care of almost two thousand HIV/AIDS patients. Working with Dr. Janice Ophoven and then with Dr. Keith Candiotti on the clinical care model, Q’s intellectual property is now embedded in QualOptima.


Christopher Smith

Senior Technology Advisor – Christopher Smith has been involved in computer technology and programming for 35 years. He has a BS degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics with a minor in Computer Science from Georgia Tech (1976) and an MBA-Finance degree from University of Denver (1978). His experience includes early versions of Basic including Apple Basic in 1977, IBM, Microsoft Basic and Pick Basic in the early 1980’s, Visual Basic, VB.NET and more recently C#.NET since 2003. He worked for United Banks of Colorado for 8 years gaining experience in data processing using IBM mainframe and DEC MicroVax computers before working with IBM PCs in 1983 as a Product Manager in United Banks’ Corporate Cash Management division. After founding CDS Associates, Inc. in 1988, Chris provided consulting to an emerging gold mining company doing ore reserve estimations before moving into providing computer systems and services to Colorado businesses. By 1990, Chris began to work with SCO Unix based computer systems running Microsoft LAN Manager, a precursor to Windows NT, followed by work integrating IBM AS/400 systems with Windows networks and synchronizing data between IBM’s DB/2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. CDS Associates became a Microsoft Partner.

Christopher Smith

Brian Sunday

Web Design Consultant  – Brian Sunday serves as  the lead designer for web site architecture and design. He assists in the HTML 5 coding for top layers of software applications  and the arichitecture of those applications built on the InterSystem Technologies. Brian is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and has worked for the Marketing Group responsible for Design Responsive Websites. Website Maintenance updates and currently serves as a Level 2 Engineer for SundogIt, Inc. He is proficient in HTML, JavaScript, SQL, UNIX, CSS3, Social Media, SEO and many other skill sets