Q’Zure is proud to be the software design company to be charged with the new stand alone HFACS Software, HFACS lite and HFACS for QualOptima in Healthcare! Q’Zure has successfully been charged by Quture International and HFACS, Inc. in the development of these 3 versions of Human Factors

HFACS Software Development

HFACS Software Overview

Analytics & Classification System, to be used in multiple environments for in coordination with Landon Feazell (CEO & President) of Quture Internatinal and Drs. Scott Shappell and  Doug Weigmann of HFACS, Inc., the foremost experts in Aviation  from Embry- Riddle where Dr. Shappel is Chair, Department of Human Factors and Systems, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida,

Drs. Shappell and Wiegmann have authored many papers and articles, as well as their newer book A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accident Analysis: The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (2014). Their research, publications and training are across the total spectrum of industries with major American and international corporations and government entities. Their current work includes many studies and published articles in health care, following work ranging from the Mayo Clinic to Greenville Hospital System in South Carolina, while Dr. Shappell was at Clemson University.

Dr. Shappell, along with Dr. Wiegmann, are Founding Partners of HFACS, Inc. (since 2001). Their company has expanded HFACS training into several domains including: aviation, medicine, mining, petrochemical, and a variety of other industries.

HFACS Development Plan

HFACS Development Plan

Q’Zure was recently certified with AHP honors in June of 2016 to prepare for the development of this most recent project due out as early as August of 2016 and will be tested through Quture & HFACS, Inc. healthcare clients immediately and ready for commercialization in the fall of 2016. The production of and design for will be interactive and coded with proven nanocodes from HFACS, Inc and triggers from Quture International.