Development Process

 Software development requires programming to provide (1) desired features, functions, and performances, (2) data structures to capture, manipulate and analyze data, and (3) document the operation and use of programs to use, train, support, and maintain the program.

Q’Zure implements the engineering views of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Software Quality Institute (SQI). There is a labyrinth of processes to developing an idea and all of the “moving parts” in software development. As with everything else one of the most valuable assets in the designing process that often goes neglected with today’s development options is documentation.  The valuation of any product can be ascertained through solid authentication of the development, implementation and testing phases. Q’Zure traditionally uses IEEE templates to verify and produced these requirements.

The necessities for managing our processes can be easily explained through our experience within the healthcare industry. For every data element and set technologically built into a system, a healthcare industry standard, institutional, and facility policy has been agreed upon. In the era of “meaningful use”, those data sets must adequately fulfill the standard requirements of not just the technology requirements, but more importantly the subject industries standards. Much too often, the IT development model gets off to a prototype process of using waterfall, V-shaped, RAD, Incremental, Spiral and other modeling processes without applying the most important aspects of the end the end result, who the software is being built for as not just an end user, but the industry.

Within our design processes for the healthcare industry, the adaptation of designing our technology has always pursued the intent of

Healthcare IT Goals

Healthcare IT Goals

patient-centered care when many of our counterparts and colleagues have a different perception. Herein lies the complexities of what Q’Zure not only envelops as “lessons learned”, but why we expect “unlimited pursuits”, for providing a product and service technologically that meets our clients real-time needs and delivers the security solutions that are synonymous with IT.