Q’Zure, LLC is a software and technology development company specializing in health care / wellness, database structure and competent in all types of business intelligence. Q’Zure partners with entrepreneurs and companies to transform businesses through software, technology, and our knowledge base of it’s clients. Q’Zure’s extensive skill sets develop client data projects to capture, utilize, communicate and analyze sophisticated 21st century data and programming. Q’Zure and its leadership are recognized for business product innovations that deliver real-time data as the most important products of our time.

The core focus of Q’Zure is to enhance the intellectual property of it’s customers. Sustaining our trusted partner alliances and delivering real-time solutions for all client industries. Q’Zure redefines “best of breed” products for our clientele’ and most importantly, their customers.

Q’Zure is a dynamic blend of innovators, entrepreneurs, project managers, software and process engineers, clinicians, change-agents, marketing and social network experts, revenue model innovators, business and finance experts, as well as investment groups and counselors. Every project begins with the expertise Q’Zure brings to the project, valuing the personal investment our customers have already devoted to their business for “going to market” from a local stand point to global opportunities.